Designing A Website to Attract the Right Customers

Among the most popular marketing tactics which are used by business owners, a website has become one of the most important as well as a mandatory item. After the computer and the World Wide Web was introduced after the Second World War, the concept of a “website” has come far.

Right now, we see various levels of it, responsive websites, video-based ones, mobile responsive sites and so on. However, what the designers or the business owners should not forget is the objective of designing a website.

The Consumer Buying Life Cycle

Earlier, the buyers’ lifecycle used to be information seeking by going to the place where the goods are available. However now information-seeking happens at a new level. Not only do people go to the website to check out the product but also, they will visit various review sites to know how people felt about it.

They will enquire and build a discussion on if anyone had any difficulties in using it, was it worth the price and more. Therefore, it must be remembered that the website is actually like the first customer-facing person or item of your product or the service. If that first experience a customer has is negative then you can say goodbye to selling your product to that customer.

What Is Mobile Responsiveness?

It is estimated that more than 70% of people access the World Wide Web today through their mobiles. People who access the internet using a device other than a PC or a laptop is close to 90%. When they see that your website is not designed to fit a smaller screen – if the text is not visible, images are not properly resized, cannot see a menu button or easily navigate to another section etc.

Again, you will definitely lose those customers. The visual aspect, i.e. images, play a big role when it comes to website as this is a visual experience they’re getting. If you want to make a positive impact, ensure your images are properly edited and programmed so they are mobile responsive as well. You can use alpha mask Photoshop service via a reputed service provider to resize and edit images.

How to Make Sure A Website Is Reachable?

First it should be hosted in a trustworthy hosting site so that it is easily searchable. You might have heard of terms such as search engine optimization, Google ranking and so on. If your website gives a positive and successful experience, doing paid SEO or trying so hard to be in the first few results of Google is not required.

You can easily be there by giving out the right information, making sure your customers have ease of navigation through your site and being responsive. “Responsive” means two things when it comes to websites. One is being manually responsive, which is answering any customer’s queries as soon as when it’s asked via a chat app installed on the website or via a contact us form. The other responsiveness is if your site is mobile responsive or not.

Designing a website just for the sake of having one is of no use. It may even bring negative marketing, due to a poor design. So, make sure your site serves the right purpose.

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