Key Components of a Good Website

If you are thinking about building a website you should also be able to identify what the key components of the site will be. This way you have a direction, clarity and a plan on what you should and should not include. It is also important to keep in mind what potential customers would like and would not like as well so that you can avoid making mistakes. Here are some of the main factors that you should be paying attention to when you design your site.

The Landing Page

One of the first things that you need to think about is the landing page of the site. If the landing page looks unattractive or just feels boring, the possibility that visitors will stay on to browse through the site and therefore be converted into buyers will be considerably reduced. Therefore, always make sure that the landing page creates a strong first impression on your client. Make sure that the layout is one that any person can easily navigate through on the page and avoid cluttering it. If you look up professional and reliable sources such as, they will be able to point you in the right direction. Refer to websites that have done really well over time too and see what they look like.

The Colours Used On the Site

Another key factor that you will need to think about is the choice of colours that you have made on the site. It could be possible that the colours of your business or logo are bright red, bright blue, yellow or the likes. However you need to think about whether or not this will be something that is pleasant when one sees it used on a large scale on the website. If you are planning on bringing in little pops of colour or simply inserting a logo in the company colours that should not be a problem but you need to make sure that the colours used to a great extent are not ones that assault the eyes as you look at the page. It will just come off feeling too flashy or gaudy.

The Amount of Information on the Website

How much information does each of the pages contain? Do they all have the same consistency or are they very different from each other? If they are all the same, then do they simply give the customer just what they need or are you trying to pretty much promote everything that you have on one page? While you may be tempted to market all your goods and services in one go, there is always a right place and manner to position it so that your customers do not feel suffocated while they go through the information.

The Clarity of Navigation

Your website should be simple to navigate and quick to understand. If you have too many clicks and sections, your customers are going to stop browsing and go to another simpler site. Keep things simple and clear and you will ensure a good user experience.

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