Mistakes that shorten the life of our gadgets

Today all of us our addicted to our gadgets, we keep checking our mobile phones every five minutes, during our free time we prefer playing PSP. Our life simply revolves around them and a day without our phone feels like eternity. Since we are addicted to it so much, here are few mistakes we need to avoid making that shorten their life span.

Taking them for granted

Think about it, we use our phones all the time even when going to the washroom. This is quite risky because if your phone falls into water it can actually stop working. So although you might need your phone badly, it is better to not take them into areas where there is water. However, if your phone ever stops working due to water then take it to an expert immediately. If you live in Singapore you could look for places where to repair iPhone in Singapore choose a company which has positive reviews, this will ensure that your phone is in safe hands. Also some of us use our gadgets even when they are charging. This is wrong and it can reduce their life span.

Wrong setup

Many people aren’t aware of this but even a wrong set up can shorten the life span of your gadget.  For example when setting up your desktop computer or laptop make sure it is away from direct sunlight, this is because prolonged exposure to harsh rays will affect is display. Also be careful when handling the monitor, avoid touching the screen as it could leave permanent dark spots. You should regularly clean your monitor and when you do so avoid using regular cleaning liquids instead use alcohol wipes, laptops come with a cleaning kit so you could use it every once a week. Avoid using any kinds of liquid on the touch pad as it is very sensitive. Lastly, be very careful when closing the laptop because even a small thing such as pen can damage your monitor. Also when using a laptop avoid keeping them on your legs, you could keep it on top of a laptop pad, this will prevent it from overheating.

Also whenever your device goes through a major repair session the experts might ask you to replace the battery especially if the old one doesn’t function properly. In such a situation always go for the expensive ones because cheap batteries might not be safe to use. Lastly, many people don’t do this but during a thunderstorm switch off all your gadgets because electrical appliances can experience full wrath of nature.

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