The Best Cartoon series

Cartoons are kids and adults best friend. Well not every adults, but yes certain adults. Its one of the most watched thing on TV and everyone loves and enjoys watching it. However you get a lot of characters when it comes for cartoon and we have loved certain charters so much that we still watch it whenever its telecasted on the television. However below are some of the famous cartoon series we all have enjoyed watching when we were kids and even now.

SpongeBob Square pants

Everyone knows this cute fellow who lives under the sea, who also happens to be living inside a pineapple and works for crusty crab. However this cartoon series was first aired in 1999 and was loved by almost everyone. The whole series revolves around a little guy which happens to be a sponge and his life under the sea with his best friend which is a star fish. The cartoon had  a good rating back and then and it still happens to be the best out of all the cartoons.

Manga Series

Not a lot of people are pretty familiar with these series.  However its basically these type of series are created in Japan and popular amongst them. One of the best manga series is Yu Gi Oh, which is a about a gaming series. And this particulate series was relapsed in 1999 and was quiet famous back at that time too. You might still across the series card and collectables online and even on comic stores.

The Simpsons

Everyone in the world know who the Simpsons are. It also  happens to be one of the oldest cartoon series as well. Since it was first released in 1989.  This particular comedy series is focused on a family  that lives in a town. However the head of the family happens to be an employee in a nuclear plant and he literally tries his best to lead is family.  This family included 4 other people along with Mr. Simpson.

The Flintstones

One of the best cartoon series I would say and a cartoon that everyone enjoyed and even in present day. However the Flintstones did not air for too long. It started first in 1960 and the final episode was in 1966. The whole movie a was about a modern Stone Age family residing in bedrock and works at a quarry.

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